Paid Survey Sites

List Of Paid Survey Sites that Have Paid Me

These are the paid survey sites that I have signed up with and can say that I had a positive experience with them. These websites presented here are all legitimate as opposed to our list of best paid survey sites which is just a list I made where I found as many paid survey websites as I could, whether or not I had even tried them.

Global Test Market was started in 1999, they are part of a larger market research firm. They serve more than 1400 clients in 60 countries. I would consider them my favorite and received the most cash from them. Click Here to Join Global Test Market Survey Panel

My Survey was started in 2001 but is part of a market research company, NFO, that has been around since 1946. This website pays its member in points and has a minimum cash out of 1000 points which equals $10. Most surveys pay about 20 points and take 5 minutes. They also conduct sweepstakes for up to $10,000 dollars. Click Here to Join My Survey Panel and Get Paid to Take Surveys!

Opinion Outpost offers you a standard approach to entering the market research industry as a respondent. They will pay you for each survey that you complete in Opinion Points, which can be redeemed for cash via their website. Furthermore, some of the surveys are also accompanied with sweepstakes entries and other prizes.  Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Survey Panel

Survey Savvy offers you a couple of ways to earn incentives for participating in their various online studies. You will earn cash incentives for each of their online surveys that you complete, and for each friend or family member that you refer to the program. As a member, you will be automatically entered into their monthly draw. Click Here to Join Survey savvy Survey Panel

Ipsos I-Say: IPSOS is a market research organization that conducts thousands of surveys each year throughout the world. They are looking for people to join their online market research panel and participate in these surveys. Each of their surveys rewards participants with points, which can be redeemed for cash vouchers and merchandise. They pay in points which can be converted to cash. Click Here to Join Ipsos Survey Panel

Money Made with Paid Surveys

The amount of money I have made with paid surveys is not really anything to brag about. At an average rate I would say if I could line up paid surveys back to back I could make about 8-10 dollars an hour, on best paying surveys.

So far the amount of money I have made total with paid surveys would barely break into the triple digits. The beauty of paid surveys is not the amount of money you make, but that anyone can do it and you can do it when you have nothing else to do.

The paid survey websites that I have found to be the most profitable are Survey Savvy and Greenfield Online so far I have made about 80 dollars just between these two companies. At the time of me making this website I have just started taking paid surveys not very long ago so I have not yet gotten a full experience with any of these paid survey companies.

Money Spent on Paid Surveys

Absolutely none, I have never paid any website to sign up with their paid survey program. The only thing I have ever gotten related to paid surveys was a free download of so I could use auto fill to complete the paid surveys faster.

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